What Happened To Steve Harvey?

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What Happened To Steve Harvey? Popular American television personality Steve Harvey rose to fame and success after being the host of shows including Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, the Steve Harvey Morning Show, and Judge Steve Harvey. The television host initially started off a career as a comedian in the early 80s, but in 2012, he officially retired from the stand-up scene.

Believe it or not, Steve Harvey is also a gifted author as one of his first books he wrote is Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. The book became a bestseller back in 2009.

The television host is known for being entertaining and also sharing important life lessons with his fans and viewers. Fans were recently taken aback after the host made headlines for not one but two major life occurrences. What are we talking about? Let us find out what happened to Steve Harvey. 

What Happened To Steve Harvey?

It seems like fans were worried after news of Steve Harvey passing away started doing the rounds. However, this news turned out to be nothing but a hoax, as the television star is doing just fine! Not only that, but Steve Harvey himself reacted to the death rumors, and he had a rather hilarious take on it! Steve Harvey posted a picture of himself in a meme while making fun of the false news!

What Happened To Steve Harvey
What Happened To Steve Harvey? (Credits: People)

The Family Feud host recently made headlines after his marriage with his wife, Marjorie Bridges, was hit by rumors of infidelity. It has been rumored that Marjorie Bridges has cheated on her husband.

These cheating rumors came into existence after a YouTuber named Keem went on to share a post and claimed that Steve’s wife, Marjorie, had extramarital relations with Steve Harvey’s security guard and the couple’s chef. As the Youtuber wrote this in a since-deleted post, he also seemingly shared a video where the Family Feud host is making a speech about his wife. 

Not only that, but it has been further rumored that the pair is heading towards a divorce after Majorie was caught cheating on Steve Harvey with their chef and bodyguard. A good friend of Steve Harvey has, however, denied any such cheating allegations while saying that these rumors are not true.

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Who Is Steve Harvey’s Wife?

Steve Harvey’s wife is Marjorie Bridges. Majorie Bridges is a designer and a successful businesswoman who also seemingly H.S. an impressive social media presence with a whopping 2 million followers. Steve Harvey earlier recalled that they met in 1987, and the host actually revealed how he told her that he was going to marry her one day. Take a look at this newest Twitter post uploaded by Steve Harvey.

However, their relationship fizzled after a year, and they parted ways for good. However, the two again reconnected through mutual friends in 2005. The host has gushed about his marriage several times, saying how Majorie simply changed his life for the better and how she is the woman who stood by his side through thick and thin.

Steve Harvey And Majorie Bridges Address Cheating Allegations!

As Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey have recently been hit by severe cheating allegations, the popular television host has finally addressed these rumors while stating that he and Marjorie both are fine while urging people who are spreading these rumors to get something else to do.

Harvey further stated that sometimes he feels like replying to these rumors, but he doesn’t have the time to do that. Majorie also issued a statement saying how she and her do not usually stop to address all the foolishness and lies that have been spread about them, but she also understands that with her platform, there is some sort of responsibility to those who may not be as strong as they are.

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