What is “OSD Locked” on LG Monitor? How to fix it?

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The OSD feature on the monitor stands for on-screen display. You may be familiar with this term from the “OSD Locked” message that appears when you press any button on your LG Monitor. So, if you’re curious about what OSD and OSD Lock are, I’ll explain. that’s all in this article. Apart from that, I will also show you how you can unlock your OSD.

OSD Lock on LG Monitor

To understand OSD Lock, you first need to know about the on-screen display (OSD). The OSD is a device control panel that can be used to adjust various monitor display settings.

You can access the on-screen display menu by pressing the menu button located on the back or bottom of your monitor. Additionally, your LG monitor may have separate navigation buttons or a single joystick button that you can use to change display settings.

The OSD menu is normally used to change the brightness, contrast and color temperature of your device. monitors. You can also use it to view monitor refresh rates, change display input sources, and configure other personalized monitor settings.

Now, OSD Lock is a feature to lock the on-screen display so that you can prevent any accidental or intentional changes to your personal monitor settings. When you have locked your OSD, trying to open the OSD menu will result in the “OSD Locked” message appearing.

Disable OSD Lock

You can activate the OSD lock feature on your LG monitor to protect your personal monitor settings. On the other hand, you may accidentally activate the OSD lock and be unable to adjust your display settings. In such cases, you can easily disable OSD lock on LG monitors.

Make sure your LG monitor is turned on. Press and hold the button menu on your monitor for a few seconds. (On older LG model monitors, the menu will be in front.) If your OSD is locked, message”Unlocked OSD“will be displayed automatically, then you can stop holding the button menu . If your OSD is unlocked, message”Locked OSD“will be shown. Your on-screen display is now locked, and you can release the buttons menu .


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