What is Ovulation? Know the Process and Its Characteristics Read Now

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For couples who want to have children or want to delay pregnancy, it is necessary to know when a woman ovulates. Ovulation is the period when the mature egg is ready to be fertilized by sperm. How to know ovulation and what are its characteristics?

Couples who have sex during ovulation have a higher chance of getting pregnant. This method can also be done by couples who want to delay pregnancy. What is the process and characteristics of ovulation? Check out the details in this article.

Definition of Ovulation

Ovulation is the right period for conception, thus accelerating pregnancy. Ovulation begins with the release of a mature egg by the ovary to meet sperm in the fallopian tube. Therefore, it is recommended that you and your partner have sex two days before ovulation and a maximum of 5 days after ovulation to increase your chances of pregnancy.

However, this process only applies to women with regular menstrual cycles, which are 28 days. What about women whose menstrual cycles are irregular? Irregular menstrual cycles are triggered by various factors, such as unstable body weight, lack of sleep, stress, excessive exercise, or illness. Consult with your doctor to determine the exact ovulation period according to your menstrual cycle.

However, you need to understand the difference between a woman’s fertile period and ovulation. Although related, fertile period and ovulation have different periods. To make it clearer, you and your partner should discuss with your obstetrician for more complete and comprehensive information about the fertile period and ovulation according to your condition.

Ovulation Symptoms

Despite the varying menstrual cycles, you can predict your ovulation period by recognizing the following features:

1. Basal body temperature

Basal body temperature is a benchmark for ovulation that can be applied. Basal body temperature is known when you are resting. To determine whether the temperature is rising or falling, a thermometer can help you. By ascertaining the basal body temperature, you can anticipate when ovulation is, so you know the right time to have sex.

2. Leucorrhoea

Intense vaginal discharge with different textures is a factor that you can apply to determine ovulation. Before and during ovulation, vaginal discharge looks more liquid, making it easier for sperm to enter the fallopian tube to meet the egg. An easier indicator of ovulation is when the vaginal discharge looks clearer and resembles raw egg whites.

3. Increased sexual desire

Increased libido in women is also an indicator of ovulation. Studies have found that the libido that spikes at ovulation affects a woman’s self-esteem and makes her feel more attractive.

4. Stomach ache

Another feature that indicates ovulation in women is pain in the lower abdomen near the ovaries. Not only that, when ovulation, abdominal pain also attacks the back.

Knowing the ovulation period aims to increase the chances of pregnancy for those of you who are undergoing a pregnancy program. To make it easier for you to predict your ovulation period, use a fertility test kit that can be purchased at a pharmacy.

However, if you have difficulty determining ovulation because of irregular menstrual cycles, you should have a deeper discussion with your doctor to find out complete information about planning a pregnancy that is safe and according to your condition.

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