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Stress is a condition that is common to many people and is triggered by pressure or worry. For example, busy work, difficulty taking care of children, or bad finances. To overcome this, stress relief is the right choice.

Stress relief are the various efforts needed to reduce stress effectively. What activities are included stress relief? Check out more information about stress and how to deal with it below.

Know What is Stress

Stress is the body’s natural response when dealing with various pressures or worries. This response prompts you to take action to prevent potential stress or harm. Stress is characterized by rapid breathing, increased blood pressure, and tense muscles. Everyone’s stress triggers can be different, because your response in anticipating stress is also different from other people.

Effective Stress Relief Options

Stress relief is an activity that is applied to relieve stress. Here’s a choice stress relief which is easy and effective for you to try:

1. Sports

Want a comfortable activity without stress? Exercise regularly. Exercising is powerful for creating happiness, distracting you from stress and worries, and relaxing your body. Choose sports that are simple and easy to implement, for example walking, cycling, or swimming.

2. Building moments with loved ones

According to research, people who do not build social relationships are at risk of getting it anxiety disorders and depression. Therefore, it is recommended that you spend time with family or friends to quickly get out of the pressures and worries that trigger stress. Building moments with loved ones also keeps you from feeling alone or isolated, so it is effective in relieving stress naturally.

3. Limit caffeine

Limiting caffeine is also included stress relief powerful. Caffeine is classified as a stimulant, so it can increase alertness. If taken too much, caffeine actually triggers tension and stress more easily.

4. Enjoy relaxation music

Another effort to relieve stress is to enjoy slow and relaxing music. This method is effective in inhibiting stress-triggering hormones, thereby relaxing and releasing tension. Choose music for relaxation, such as classical, instrumental, or natural sounds, such as running water or rain.

5. Aromatherapy

Applying aromatherapy is stress relief effective. Inhale the fragrance of aromatherapy candles produced from a combination of essential oils, namely chamomile, lavender and rose. These fragrances are effective at relaxing the soul and mind, overcoming anxiety, and helping you sleep well.

6. Breathing exercises

Practicing breathing is a powerful way to relieve stress. In addition, breathing exercises are effective at relaxing the heartbeat, so you can relax and be at peace. Apply regularly to speed up stress recovery.

7. Keep a journal

Stress relief another effective way is to write daily activities, including your thoughts or feelings, in a journal. This method makes it easier for you to see and evaluate positive things or achievements throughout the day. That way, it spurs you to be more grateful, thereby relieving stress.

If you have applied stress relief above, but it is not yet effective in relieving stress, immediately go to a psychologist or psychiatrist to get treatment according to your conditions and needs.

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