Who Is Jimmy Buffett’s Wife? The Legendary Singer Passed Away At The Age Of 76

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Want to know who Jimmy Buffett’s wife is? The title must have left you depressed but that’s the harsh truth. We lost The Big 8 singer, a few days ago, and not everyone knows the cause. We shall get to that later. What’s more concerning is, who was there by Jimmy Buffett’s side, during the last days. 

Starting from the basics, Jimmy Buffett was a versatile singer, known for his music of tropical rock genre. Being his fan, did you not listen to his 2020 album: Life on the Flip Side? It earned massive success. Some of Jimmy Buffett’s other notable musical works are High Cumberland Jubilee, Coconut Telegraph, Beach House on the Moon, Take Another Road, Trip Around the Sun, Getting the Picture, and Another Saturday Night. 

Besides singing, Jimmy Buffett also excelled in playing instruments like guitar and ukulele. Last year, we saw him starring in the CBS police procedural drama series, Blue Bloods. He played Dickie Delaney. Little did you know, Jimmy Buffett was also an author. He penned a novel titled A Salty Piece of Land, published in 2004. You must give it a read, if not. 

Coming back to Jimmy Buffett’s personal life, the singer married twice in his lifetime. The first marriage was with Margie Mashichek. But, it was short-lived and lasted till 1972. After five years or so, the singer tied the knot again and stayed together until his last breath. Who is she? 

It’s very saddening to accept that Jimmy Buffett is no more with us. Knowing that fans are showing their interest in his love life. But, how did he die? Did Jimmy suffer from any illness? Here is what we know about Jimmy Buffett’s wife.

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Meet Jimmy Buffett’s Wife Who Was With Him During The Last Days Of His Life

Talking about Jimmy Buffett’s wife, she is named Jane Slagsvol. But, that’s just her name. Fans are lately curious to know the identity of Jimmy Buffett’s wife.

Who Is Jimmy Buffett's Wife?
Jimmy Buffett’s wife: Jane Slagsvol (Credit: SCPS Assam)

At the time Jimmy Buffett met Jane Slagsvol, the latter was a student at the University of South Carolina. They met each other at the Chart Room bar, while she visited Key West on spring break. Right after the meeting, Jane didn’t go back to school, for further studies. 

Back in 1977, Jimmy Buffett and Jane Slagsvol tied the knot. Their wedding ceremony took place in Aspen. Not everyone knows that the Eagles also performed at their wedding event. With her, Jimmy shared two daughters – Savannah Buffett and Sarah Delaney. Along with that, they even adopted a son, whom they ended up naming- Cameron Marley. 

Just like every other relationship or marriage, Jimmy Buffett’s marriage with Jane Slagsvol also faced downfalls. Yes, you read that right. It was not always happening. Jimmy Buffett’s wife, Jane, had a partying lifestyle. They didn’t celebrate much of that, following which they took a break for some time. But, they reconciled again in 1991. That was the time when Jimmy Buffett’s wife got sober. 

On this note, Jane said, “I’d been with Jimmy since I was a child, through the craziest times, and I didn’t have a clue who I was. So I left. I got sober.” One must note, that as they got back together, Jimmy Buffett’s wife, Jane, started being very supportive of him and his career. She stayed like that till the very last day of his life.  

Well, Jane Slagsvol is a very private person. She attended several carpet events with her husband but maintained a low profile. In other words, she didn’t enjoy much of the media’s attention, just like Jimmy Buffett. 

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Jimmy Buffett’s Death Cause 

It was on 1 September 2023 Jimmy Buffett passed away, leaving us behind. Based on his date of birth, he was 76 years old at the time of his demise. What happened to the singer? It was all for his illness and suffering. 

Who Is Jimmy Buffett's Wife?
Jimmy Buffett died peacefully at his home but suffered from illness (Credit: Got Music Talent)

A few months ago, more precisely in May, Jimmy Buffett was admitted to hospital. Initially, no specific cause was publicized except the fact that he needed immediate medical treatment.

Last month, Jimmy Buffett was again hospitalized as his health condition worsened. But, at the time of his death, he was at his home in Sag Harbor, New York City. What was the cause of Jimmy Buffett’s death? The reason was his suffering from skin cancer. To be more exact, it was from the complications of Merkel-cell carcinoma.

Right after his death, news came out to the public, and another news came out simultaneously. Nobody knew that before. The singer suffered from the aforementioned rare skin cancer disease for the last four years. 

May Jimmy Buffett’s soul rest in peace. Sending condolences to Jimmy Buffett’s wife and other close ones. We will continue to cherish each of his works! 

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