Who Is Laura Siegemund’s Husband? The Professional Tennis Player’s Love Interest

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Want to know about Laura Siegemund’s husband? The tennis player is currently at the top of the news, as she lost to Coco Gauff at the US Open 2023. Laura broke down in tears as she opened up about the harsh treatment she received from the audience. But we love her, right? 

A coin has two sides – head and tail. Similarly, in every game, there is a win and loss. Laura Siegemund’s loss at the US Open 2023 doesn’t shatter her ability or excellence in tennis. Fans are lately wondering who Laura Siegemund is romantically related to. In other words, who is she married to? 

Laura Siegemund is a versatile German tennis player from Filderstadt. Born in 1988, she is now 35 years old. She took an active participation in the 2016 Olympic Games and made it to the quarter finale in singles. 

Talking about Laura Siegemund’s prominence, this year, she played at the Wimbledon Open and made it to the third round and quarter finale in singles and doubles, respectively. Also, she won the 2020 US Open in doubles. 

Coming back to Laura Siegemund’s personal life, fans have lately been questioning her marriage life. Laura has always been very secretive about her romantic interest, which eventually created confusion among her fans. What’s going on? Here is what we know about who Laura Siegemund’s husband is. 

Who Is Laura Siegemund's Husband
Laura Siegemund (Credits: Frankischer Tag)

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Meet Laura Siegemund’s Husband: Who Is He? 

Talking about her love interest, Laura Siegemund’s husband is no one yet. But, she is reported to be romantically related to Antonio Zucca. What does that mean? Well, Laura Siegemund didn’t show any hint that highlighted her marriage. So, it is assumed that she hasn’t tied the knot yet. So, Antonio can be addressed as no one but Laura Siegemund’s rumored boyfriend. 

Now, the question is who is Antonio Zucca? Well, he is a former tennis player but now a coach. To be more precise, he is Laura’s coach. Besides his involvement in tennis sport, Antonio is also a businessman.

He reportedly co-owns a hotel in Porto Torres, Italy. It goes by the name: Bay View Apartment. Discussing more about Laura Siegemund’s husband (rumored), Antonio is from Sardinia, Italy. 

How did Laura Siegemund and Antonio meet each other? It was probably at a tennis event in Germany itself. It is reported that the two have been dating for more than five years. But nothing is confirmed. In another way, one must note that neither Laura Siegemund nor Antonio Zucca has made any official statement about their rumored romance.

But, the two are spotted together, exploring different places. That’s what most couples do. Right? You would find a player and a coach, travel to countries, and have fun. If you do, then that’s rare enough. We wonder if Antonio Zucca is Laura Siegemund’s boyfriend in real life. 

Who Is Laura Siegemund's Husband
Laura Siegemund and Antonio Zucca (Credits: Digital Collections)

Not everyone knows Laura Siegemund underwent knee surgery in 2021. Being an active tennis player, it was very difficult for her to sit back at home and take rest after the surgery. It was reported that she took seven months to recover fully. During an interview, Laura praised Antonio Zucca for supporting her during those crucial days. He told her not to give up and encouraged her a lot. Now, just look at her! 

No matter what kind of a relationship (boyfriend or just coach) Laura Siegemund maintains with Antonio Zuccca, the latter roots for her. And that’s the best part. Fans would be happy enough if Antonio Zucca turned out to be Laura Siegemund’s husband. 

Since Laura is in the middle of her 30s, some fans wonder if she is secretly married. But, No! These days, age has nothing to do with tying the knot. No doubt, Laura Siegemund is indeed a great tennis player.

She is quite successful in this sport but wants to grow, explore, and achieve more in the field. To date, Laura hasn’t shared her willingness to exchange vows. Neither did he drop any hint of wearing a wedding ring at any non-sports event. So, it’s safe to assume Laura Siegemund is unmarried for now. 

Best Wishes. Make sure to follow Laura Siegemund on her Instagram account for more relatable updates. 

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