Will There Be Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Chapter 29?

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There Be A Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Chapter 29 would have been the latest Family Manga installment. The story follows the life of a company man who liked to work very long hours. He has a wife and two kids, so he works so hard. Though it’s clear that his family does not care for him, this was because he was always working and left raising the kids to his wife.

It has come to the point that his kids even asked him to get a separate place to live. Our Protagonist, Araki Susumu, is a workaholic. Before long, he had worked too hard, causing him to collapse on the day of his 50th Birthday; even though he felt his life slipping away, he didn’t know where it was slipping away.

He found himself in a dark place, unable to move or open his place. Little did he know he was being given a second chance at life. He found himself in the body of a newborn in a new world that was still in the bronze age. His new parents were Tin and Dee. Dee is the village chief. Having wasted his first chance at having a loving family, Susumu will work twice as hard to make this chance count. His parents noticed he was a bright child from a very young age.

Now named Tidus, he tried to explain to his parents that he was a reincarnator but chose not to. He told his parents that there is a voice inside his head that tells him things. His parents took the meaning as that their God was talking to him. With the knowledge from his past life, he started bringing concepts of the modern world to his new world.

Araki Susumu (Left) After His Reincarnation As Tidus (Right) - Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Chapter 2
Araki Susumu (Left) After His Reincarnation As Tidus (Right) – Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Chapter 2 (Credits: Gangan Online)

He was able to advance his small village to great heights in a short time. He was able to monopolize several items, like smoked goods, making his village a lot of money. They even caught the attention of the Imperial Highness. As time went by, Tidus’s family grew in numbers. His family took in the crown princess Veti at the request of the King.

He has his horse, Betty, and loves him very much. Now, there is another new addition to his family. She is Alizecia, the Princess of Beverusia, a neighboring country. 

Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Manga Recap

In the last chapter, we saw the village celebrating the rebirth of Magilla. It’s a festival that attracts several people from all over. It was Alizecia’s first time at a festival. She seems to enjoy it. Tidus is ashamed as he must wear girl clothes for the festival. However, Veti reassures him that he looks good. Tidus asks Veti if any had asked her to go with them to the festival. To which she replied that several did, but she rejected every one.

Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Chapter 26
Tidus’s Newly Extended Family – Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Chapter 26 (Credits: Gangan Online)

Since she was alone, Tidus asked if she wanted to go with him, and she happily obliged. At the same time, having food, Tidus notices that Veti looks upset. He asked her what was wrong, and she said she was thinking about what her father told her.

He told her to be free, meaning she could marry anyone. And the one she likes is Tidus. Though Tidus is not against the idea, he can’t decide as he promised Feryl & Jessie. Tidus talked with his father, who explained that polygamy is legal and widely practiced in the country. Dee told the King about what happened, and he was elevated.

He announced to the kingdom that the crown prince was engaged. Feryl & Jessie were mad at him as he became engaged to Veti. However, Tidus told them he was also thinking about them, which made them happy. When he saw Alizecia’s face, he knew what was up instantly and told her he was also thinking of her.

Betty Tidus's Pet Horse - Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Chapter 27
Betty Tidus’s Pet Horse – Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Chapter 27 (Credits: Gangan Online)

Dee advised him to grow up into a person the 4 is deserving of these 4 girls. The girls seem to be very happy. Tidus thinks to himself how he is just 4 years of age and already most of his future has been decided.

Tidus can finally have the big family life he always dreamed of. As he was thinking about his, Tin called out to everyone to have food. She asks Feryl, Jessie, and Alizecia to help her with dinner, and they all rush inside. That is where the Manga ends.

Will There Be A Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Chapter 29?

Unfortunately, Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu ended its run at Chapter 28. The ending was wholesome. Araki Susumu will finally be able to live the life he always imagined.

This is an excellent Manga for those who want to try out the genre. The story combines Dr. Stone and The Amazing Village Creator minus the Fantasy-Fiction elements. Furthermore, they added a surprise harem feature in the end. It’s a shame the Manga came to an end. Who knows? Maybe they will pick it back up for Season 2. 

Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu The End - Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Chapter 29
Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Chapter 29 (Credits: Gangan Online)

Where To Read Will There Be A Tada Shiawasena Isekai Kazoku Seikatsu Manga Online?

You can read Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore Ga Classmate No Daininki Idol Ni Natsukaretara Chapter 7 Raws in Square Enix, Gangan Online, Comic Pixiv, Book Walker, and Comic Seymour. You can read several chapters of the Manga free of charge on most websites. However, to acquire the remaining chapters, you must most often purchase them by volume. 

If done right, you should be able to purchase a volume of the Manga for under $5 (USD). Unfortunately, the English version of the Manga is not yet in circulation. Some not-so-legit websites do offer translated versions. However, we cannot guarantee its quality in any way. If you wish to read them, please do so at your discretion. 

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