Windows 11 apps like Photos, Paint, Snipping Tool getting AI features

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  • Microsoft is expected to bring AI features to Windows 11 applications.
  • Some of the apps getting updated include Photos, Paint, and Snipping Tool.
  • It’s unclear when these features will be available.

Microsoft is reportedly working to add AI capabilities to many of the Windows 11 apps. According to a new report from Windows Central, sources familiar with the plan say the company is expected to build AI features into some of its apps, including Photos, Paint, and Snipping Tool.

For example, in addition to the Windows Copilot and the Copilot for Microsoft Edge, the software giant is experimenting with AI functionality that allows the Photos app to identify people and objects in pictures, which you can then copy to the clipboard and paste the element in another image file or document.

The modern version of Microsoft Paint is also getting some enhancements with AI. According to the report, with the new integration, users will be able to use the AI chatbot to create a canvas based on specific input from the user.

Although it’s unclear how the technology will be integrated into Paint, the report also mentions that it will use Bing’s Image Creator technology. However, a mockup image shows that the app will feature a new “Magic Paint” option in the command bar that will bring up a flyout to access the chatbot.

As part of the Snipping Tool improvements, the app is expected to receive an update to integrate OCR (optical character recognition) technology to enable the ability to extract text from images to the clipboard. The OCR technology will also expand to the Camera app, allowing users to select text from images taken with the app.

The OCR technology isn’t entirely new to Windows 11 (or 10) since PowerToys includes the “Text Extractor” feature that allows you to select and copy text from virtually any image on any application.

Microsoft is still in the experimental stages, and there’s no specific release date at this time for these features. However, the report also points out that some of these integrations will require specific hardware, such as an NPU (neural processing unit) or VPU (vision processing unit).

On September 21, 2023, Microsoft will be holding a Surface hardware event to introduce new Surface devices, where the company is also expected to share more details on the future integration of AI into Windows 11.

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