Windows 365 Frontline Now Available: Cloud-PC for Shift and Part Time Workers

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Microsoft has announced general availability Windows 365 Frontlines, a service designed to extend the power of Windows 365 Cloud PCs for shift and part-time workers. This service allows employees to access their personalized and secure Frontline Cloud PC from any location or device.

Windows 365 Frontline is a variant of Microsoft’s Windows 365 Cloud PC solution specifically designed to meet the unique shift and part-time needs of employees. This removes the common challenges of sharing a physical PC and allows frontline employees to work from anywhere, increasing their productivity and job satisfaction.

Cloud PC Access for Shift and Part Time Workers

Unlike the traditional model where a Cloud PC is purchased for each employee, Windows 365 Frontline requires only enough Cloud PCs for the maximum number of active users at any given time. This approach can result in significant cost reductions for companies and increased productivity for their workers.

When employees log on, Frontline Cloud PCs are turned on and licenses are used while they work. When they leave, the shared license is returned to the shared license pool, and their Frontline Cloud PC is shut down. This model does not require a set schedule, allowing workers to clock in and out when their shift starts and ends.

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During the preview phase, Windows 365 Frontline has been deployed across a variety of scenarios and industries. This can prove especially useful when employees, such as healthcare doctors, consultants and customer service representatives, need access to their Cloud PC for a limited period of time.

Microsoft plans to add new features to Windows 365 Frontline in the near future. One of these features will allow IT admins to set up automatic email alerts when their Cloud PCs are approaching their maximum concurrent users. This will allow admins to purchase more Cloud PC licenses if needed. Also, admins will soon be able to turn Cloud PCs on or off in bulk.


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