Xbox 360 Store for games to close in July 2024

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  • Microsoft will close the Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace in July 2024.
  • Closing the store means no more new purchases for games or downloadable content.
  • You’ll continue to be able to access already purchased games.
  • After the store closes, you’ll be able to purchase Xbox 360 games from Xbox One, Series, X, or S.

Microsoft has announced its plans to shut down the Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace ( as soon as July 29, 2024. The news means that customers who still have an Xbox 360 console won’t be able to purchase games, download content, or perform other actions from the Xbox 360 Store. In addition, new customers will no longer be able to access the Marketplace, which includes games and avatars.

Those Xbox 360 games you already purchased digitally will continue to be available and playable on the console. However, as the company closes the Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace, you won’t be able to make new purchases.

As part of the closing the store process, Microsoft is also working on removing the “Movies & TV” app from the console. This will affect your ability to find and view the TV shows and movies you purchased from the company.

The company explains that this is only going to affect Xbox 360 consoles since you will continue to be able to purchase Original Xbox and Xbox 360 games and download content from the Microsoft Store (and on Xbox One, Series X, and Series S consoles. Also, all your TV shows and movies will be accessible from Windows 11 or 10 computers or Xbox One, Series X, or S.

Another important point to clarify is that closing the Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace won’t affect the online multiplayer service. After July 29, 2024, you will continue to be able to play your games online. Furthermore, you will still be able to transfer your games to another Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or S console. If available, after July 2024, games will continue to receive updates.

In other words, Microsoft will close the Xbox 360 online store for new purchases and will discontinue the Movies & TV app, but everything will continue to work as before. If there’s an Xbox 360 game you may still want after the store closes, you will be able to purchase it through an Xbox One, Series X, or S console.

You can find more information at the official Xbox documentation page.

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