Yanks Filming Locations: Where Is The Drama Movie Filmed?

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What if you fall in love with someone you weren’t supposed to? What would you do if things get complicated between you and the woman you love because you two don’t live in the same country? Directed by John Schlesinger, the movie Yanks follows Matt and John, two U.S. soldiers during World War II.

During World War II, the men are posted in England, where they get involved with British women, but soon they start to realize the difference in their cultures. Matt is enchanted by Jean’s look and decides to pursue the woman of his dreams while John tries to woo Helen.

Problems arose when the two men realized that the two women were involved with local men. Story by Collin Welland, the film stars Richard Gere playing the role of Technical Sergeant Lisa Eichhorn playing the role of Jean Moreton, Matt’s love interest.

William Devane played the role of Captain John, Vanessa Redgrave played the role of Helen, Chick Vennera played the role of Sergeant Danny Ruffelo, and Wendy Morgan played the role of Mollie in the lead.

The supporting cast stars Rachel Roberts playing the role of Mrs. Clarrie, Arlen Dean playing the role of Henry, Annie Ross playing the Red Cross Lady’s role, Tony Melody playing the role of Mr. Jim Moreton, and Joe Gladwin playing the role of Plumber at the shop.

Matt Meets With Jean [Credits- Universal Pictures]

Released on September 19, 1979, the film has a run time of 141 minutes. The film failed to grab viewers’ attention and proved to be a box office fai. It had a cliche story that wasn’t enjoyed by a lot of viewers nowadays.

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Yanks- Premise

The film focuses on Matt and John, two soldiers from the U.S. who got deployed in England during the Second World War and them getting involved with British women. The two men fall in love with the said British woman, but the problem arises when they learn that the woman is in a relationship with a local man.

The film starts with a small northern town finding out about a large U.S. Army base getting established for the build-up to the Normandy landings soon after several rowdy American troops, commonly known as Yanks, arrive in the town.

Meanwhile, Matt Dyson, a technical sergeant on leave, arrives in the town and has a chance encounter with Jean Moreton while returning after watching a movie. Jean is Ken’s fiance, who is a British soldier deployed overseas.

Matt takes up his chance, which is rebuffed by Jean initially, but she relents after his persistent attempts. Soon, Jean develops an attraction towards Matt after she realizes that Matt is different from his fiance.

Meanwhile, a relationship develops between Helen and Captain John, who start to develop a bond after John continuously visits her estate. Captain John and Helen are both married to other people and cheating on their respective spouses as they are living far away.

Matt receives approval from the Moreton family after he starts to bring them food that is unavailable at the time of war. Matt wins approval by giving presents to the Moreton family, but everything changes with Ken’s death.

Ken died serving his country during the war, and the news of his death leads to Matt and Jean getting condemned for their relationship by Jean’s mother. Jean and Natt travel to a resort in Welsh to save their relationship, where they have sex but aren’t able to orgasm after Matt starts to think about their future together.

Jean realizes Matt wasn’t ready for her as she risked everything for him, and he still failed to trust her. The film ends with Jean racing to the railway station filled with women seeing off their American boyfriends after she receives a message from Matt confessing his love. As the train departs from the station, Matt shouts from inside, telling Jean that he will return for her.

Yanks Filming Locations

The filming of Yanks mostly took place mostly in England, with Oldham, Glossop, Salford, Stockport, and Stalybridge as prime locations.

1. England U.K.

A delightful country that is a part of the great United Kingdom, named London, was used for the filming of Yanks by the production crew. Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst, located in England, was used by the crew to film the part of the movie with Helen’s castle.

Filming Location- London, England [Credits: Universal Pictures]

Keighley Railway Station, Bradford, located in England, was used by the production crew to film the part with the railway station where Jean comes to see Matt off before he departs from the country.

Moore, Warrington, located in London, was used by the crew for filming the part of the movie with the canal scenes. Lancashire, located in England, was used by the crew to film the part with the cemetery and shop scenes. The opening shot of Yanks was filmed at Staybridge.

 2. Wales, U.K.

Known for its rugged coastlines, a country in Southwest Great Britain was used by the production crew to film the part where Helen and John go for a trip.

Filming Location – Wales [Credits: Universal Pictures]

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